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GHARER KHABAR is your gateway to the rich and diverse flavors of Bangladeshi and Indian cuisine. We offer a fresh and authentic interpretation of traditional dishes, capturing the essence of both cultures.

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Gharer Khabar restaurant
Chicken Biryani

Meet the Owner, Rumpa

Gharer Khaber was started by Nasima “Rumpa” Shahreen and Ashraful “Raja” Siddique, both of whom emigrated from Bangladesh’s capital city, Dhaka, to the U.S. in 2003. Gharer Khabar started as one Bengali family helping another in a time of need, by providing Bengali dishes to a family with a newborn. Word spread and eventually Raja and Rumpa were able to fulfill their dream of owning a restaurant. As head chef, Rumpa’s motto is “homemade food with affection, with love”.


5157 Langston Blvd,
Arlington, VA 22207

Opening Hours

11am - 9:30pm

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Discover the Flavors of Bangladesh and India

Explore our diverse menu featuring authentic curries, tandoori specialties, and savory street food delights. Each dish is crafted with care to bring you the true taste of GHARER KHABAR.

What Our Diners Say About Us

“GHARER KHABAR offers an amazing culinary journey through the rich traditions of Bangladesh and India. Every dish is a masterpiece of flavor and authenticity.”

Riya Patel

“The flavors at GHARER KHABAR are simply unparalleled. Each bite tells a story of tradition and passion, leaving a lasting impression.”

Kabir Khan

“GHARER KHABAR is a true gem, where every visit feels like a cherished experience. The warmth of the hospitality is as delightful as the cuisine.”

Farah Ahmed

Indian Chicken Curry
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